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They didn’t let my  bring my dog to work so I brought my pet triceratops. 


she may be young but she only likes old things


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smith is just insane, a thousand year old man with a boy’s face…and forehead.

split in two gifs cus tumblr ate up the bigger file :I

third in this series, here’s [tennant] and [eccleston] 

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Jefferson Airplane - Plastic Fantastic Lover (by blestemp)

The Staple Singers - A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall (by aviyklein)

A cover of one of Bob Dylans Protest songs, The Staple singers variation of A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall is much more mellow than the origanal. The Staple Singers’ voices portray a feeling of sorrow and oppression. It is a popular misconception that this song was written about the Cuban missle crissis but infact it was written months before. Dylan was qouted in an interview with Studs Terkel saying, “No, it’s not atomic rain, it’s just a hard rain. It isn’t the fallout rain. I mean some sort of end that’s just gotta happen… In the last verse, when I say, ‘the pellets of poison are flooding the waters’, that means all the lies that people get told on their radios and in their newspapers.”




Illustration by aamanddacc


wirrow (Global Curator) writes:

this illustration really hits me somewhere in the heart. to me it’s kind of like how we hold on to some things and it’s hard to let go but when we eventually cut them loose.. new things grow. i wish i could put that into a tiny story, i tried but nothing good came out. such a cool drawing.


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This illustration is definitely in need of a story.  Any ideas?

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And I like it that way!

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In response to Missheleneyvone’s paleo post

I can’t get this all to show up in the comment box so it’s a post instead.

 If you can do it by all means do it! And I never said it wasn’t healthy, if I could do it I would. But when you take a tone telling me you eat better than me and I eat processed food because I am too lazy to buy real food, of course I am going to argue with you! You have NEVER had to do without. I know you have had to save up money because you have been trying to pay off your ticket but you still haven’t had to do without any food. You have clothes that cost $100+. You are pretty well off if your parents are giving you extra spending money or not. You can’t tell me that it’s cheap to eat like that. When all you have for groceries for the next two weeks is $20 and you have to feed four mouths beside your own and you are still not able to make your payments to the bank what are you going to eat? Have you ever even had to try? You cannot keep judging people when you have never been in their situation. I never judged you for having a “gluten allergy”(just to let you know nobody believes that you have one) or for other things which I won’t out you on.  Yeah I asked questions but never once did I judge you. Yet when I say I wish I could eat Paleo but it’s too expensive you just tell me that I am just too stupid to figure it out, that it is way cheaper. After you feed a family of five (three of which in mine are grown men) on paleo with only $20 you can tell me it is possible.

You know what Helen, I am really tired of you being such a Bitch to all of the people you call your friends! You treat us like we are all stupid! And You ALWAYS have to try to say something to make us feel inferior. For a long time I figured you just felt kind of out of place and wanted to fit in, but it has been an entire year and we have involved you in almost everything we do. We have included you in our home away from home, our second family. The way you treat us is not the way you should treat your family or friends. And frankly we are tired of it. We can’t handle your lies anymore. First off, it is not funny to joke about sickness death or divorce. When I start talking about Noah you seem to have another friend commit suicide, you know we started looking up all these deaths. And when you laugh at other peoples suicide jokes it’s not funny, and you can tell you are not grieving even though it had only been three days since she supposedly passed. It’s not funny to say you are anorexic, and it’s pretty evident when you come in to my room and eat half of our dinner that you aren’t. And believe it or not I do talk with my roommate, she asked me if you were ok since your dad left you and your family, but then when I talked to you everything was ok. And these are just the worst stories you made up. I really don’t see how you and your sister can be related because your sister is one of the most genuine people I know, yet you base your life on lies to make yourself look more important than other people. I hope you realize that our family would love you for YOU, not your stories. You don’t have to try to make people feel bad for you to get attention or for people to be your friends. Just be you! Please stop being rude to everyone. I know we are almost out for the summer but you are plenty welcome to still hang out with us as long as you are nice to our friends. Quoting Step J’s interpritation of me junior year of high school,in response to a question asked about  alliances during WW2  ” If someone messes with one of my friends I am going to fuck them up”. I am by no means going to “fuck you” up but I can’t let you be mean to my other friends or me anymore! I hope you choose to still be friends with all of us!

Yoga pants!?

I will forever regect the pitiful pop culture of today. Natural is hot! The majority of my friends are guys, and they think  girls who wear yoga pants look lazy. According to Carl, ” A girl whose ass looks good in yoga pants isn’t as good as a girl whose ass looks good in jeans, because yoga pants are cheating.” It is time for todays women to take an adventure to the world of unique fashion!

Give up, convert to personal freedom!

I really pity the fake people! The people who say what they think will make them look cool to you, or better than you. I laugh when they are around too many people and don’t know how to act. “Oh, your daddy gives you whatever you want!? That explains a lot!” I on the other hand work for what I have. I don’t wear hundred dollar jeans, I don’t have an Iphone, and I could careless about how much all of your junk costs and how “In” it is. I am perfectly content with my clothes that no one else has ever seen and my hippie music. That’s it, I am moving to a hippie commune!image

This is how I feel right now!



Illustratiion by: hopiamanipopcorn


hopiamanipopcorn writes:

The wonders of melted crayons.